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Your garage door opener is smarter than you think. Even if you don’t have one of the latest internet-based “smart” garage door openers, your opener is still one smart cookie. Here at Tukwila Garage Door Openers, we think the garage door opener is awesome. Truly awesome.

Tukwila Garage Door OpenerFor starters, your garage door opener never does any of the heavy lifting, because it’s too smart for that. Instead, it enlists other parts of your garage door to do the dirty work. The opener merely controls the action, telling the springs when to lift the door, and how far up to lift it. There are other signs that your garage door opener is super smart. Your opener is constantly re-programming itself with rolling codes that make it nearly impossible for burglars to enter your house through the garage door. In fact, your garage door will never leave you for another homeowner, never try to sell you swampland in Florida, and will never, ever tell you those jeans make you look fat. And we at Tukwila Garage Door Openers believe there are other signs that your garage door opener is smarter than you think.

Your Garage Door Opener Is A Brainiac, For Sure!

Tukwila Same Day Garage Door Opener RepairTechnically, a “smart” garage door opener is one that hooks up to the internet and can be controlled by your smart phone, but any garage door opener manufactured in the past 15 years is smart as a whip. Today’s garage door openers all have motherboards and computer chips. With the rolling code technology and layered security features, your garage door opener is a brainiac indeed. In fact, if extra-terrestrials came to examine earthlings, they would only have to gaze at a Chamberlain liftmaster garage door opener to see how advanced our civilation is. The sum of man’s knowledge is proudly displayed in every automatic garage door system. You probably take for granted your amazing garage door opener.

To the technicians at Tukwila Garage Door Openers, a garage door opener in action is poetry in motion, and a symphony of happiness – even if it just sounds like a freight train to you.

We Service All The Major Brands Of Garage Door Openers

When you summon one of our keen garage door opener repairmen, you get a technician who knows he is working for you. Whatever you want, Tukwila Garage Door Openers will do for you. If you want your garage door opener repaired, rather than replaced, we’ll do all we can to make it run like new.

Unscrupulous garage door opener services around town will try to “scare” you into unnecessary repairs, or try to sell you a new garage door opener when your trusty old opener still has planty of life in it. If you want a chain-drive opener, we won’t try to change your mind. If you want a belt-drive opener or a screw-drive opener, again, you’re the boss. Your wish is our command. Tukwila Garage Door Openers puts you in charge of your garage door’s fate. Call Tukwila Garage Door Openers at the first sign of trouble.

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